Bolt was the Perfect Match

Bolt was the Perfect Match

From the moment we open Hot Spring Spa’s front door to walk in the showroom, until the moment we were soaking in our new spa on our back porch, the experience has been great! Our dealer walked us through the models, options, specifications, and budgets with out ever pressuring us. They helped us narrow in on the Bolt as a great mix of size and comfort.
We are a family of 4 and sit great in this tub. Enjoy it about 3 or 4 nights a week under the stars to relax. We check the water quality every other day, and adjustments are minimal. We bought the 100VAC model and see no difference to tubs we have used and owned in the past. Its a very well insulated unit. We keep the unit at 100VAC and it never drops a degree, even when the jets are running for an hour.
Each “jetted” seat hits a different spot, and we each have our favorite seat in the tub. Getting in and out is easy and even our six year old can operate the controls.
We bought the ozinator option and the cover swing arm.. I would highly recommend both! It makes life a lot easier!
From sales to service the experience was and still is wonderful

JDLONG - Xenia, OH